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I have been in the education system for almost 8 years now and before this year, I have never learned about gentrification and how it is impacting our world. In the beginning of the semester, when I was doing my very first assignment, I thought to myself; why is gentrification so important? why are people even worried about it? why not just let it be? After completing many assignments and gathering a basic knowledge of gentrification, I started finding answers to my own questions and it was quite surprising and ironically I realized why gentrification is such an important matter in the future of our world.

I find gentrification is something that is very interesting to learn and study about because it just give you so many answers to why the world today at its current place. I learned very important things in this class that I can take away with me while I move onto my next level classes. I believe the knowledge I have taken away from this class will help me in the future.

In addition, I have also written a research paper on gentrification. This paper was not something easy and something that I have not done before. So, after I completed my paper and read through it, I felt like I accomplished something special. I believe that working on this paper has prepared me enough to be ready for my next English class which I know will be very challenging but I believe in myself and I know that I will do great work in the future because I learned the important skills for writing from this course.

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